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Main Street Floor Covering presents tips for choosing tile


Tile Tip #1

Vinyl tile choices that are selling like hotcakes at present are tiles that look like natural stone, slate, or wood. Main Street Floor Covering carries a wide selection of Armstrong brand tile. Armstrong recommends having flooring professionally installed. Main Street Floor Covering has expert installers who have under gone rigorous training in flooring installation. Having tile professionally installed properly provides years of satisfaction and protects manufacturers product warranties.

Ceramic is another tile choice that is in demand. Main Street Floor Covering carries all major brands of tile. Two brands of ceramic tile currently in vogue are Marazzi and Anatolia. While there are only three primary types of ceramic tile, these brand shave countless variations. You can choose from bright colors or earth tones; mosaic or straight layout; small or large tile. All choices look great, are easy to care for,fire resistant, and durable.

Tile Tip #2

Marazzi has ceramic tile that captures reclaimed wood's seductive beauty. It is easy to maintain and more versatile than real wood. Sensual organic colors add sophistication and depth. The advanced 3d imaging used in the manufacture of this tile replicates the scraped and worn look of unfinished boards, and the nuances of aged reclaimed wood.
Ceramic tile flooring in Williston, VT from Main Street Floor Covering

Tile Tip #3

Anatolia Tile offers a large selection of ceramic and porcelain tile in many colors and styles. Tile is an excellent flooring choice. It is durable and resilient and a timeless classic. Anatolia always looks for new trends, lines, and looks.

Tile Tip #4

A brick-like tile is an option that is easier than the actual brick to maintain. The same feel and look are provided. For a retro look, choose a tile with highlights and graphics in metallic colors. The most sought after choice in the brick-like tile is aged brick. It will remind you of old downtown lofts.

Tile Tip #5

Utilize tile to obtain a classic high-end marble look. Porcelain tile can deliver the look that so many people desire. Innovative ways to use marble-like tile are in a mosaic pattern or mix it with other material.

Tile, mentioned here, is only a sample of the many styles, colors, and materials carried by Main Street Floor Covering. Customers from Burlington, Colchester,Essex Junction, Williston, and Winooski can find almost anything their hearts desire.

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