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There are pros and cons to the most common carpet fibers. Different qualities and grades for each fiber are available. Grade and quality are terms usually used to refer to the fiber density and fiber twists of carpet. In most cases, a dense fiber,one having more stitches per inch, means a tight twist level. These are characteristics of better quality carpet that will last longer. That statement is true,regardless of the fiber.

Nylon Carpet

Nylon is the most widely known and common carpet fiber. Sixty-five percent of carpet fiber is nylon. Nylon fibers are abrasion resistant and highly durable. After being trod upon, nylon has the reputation for ‘bouncing back.' High traffic areas often are covered in nylon carpet. The price of nylon makes it a product of good value.

Popular brands of nylon carpet are made with state-of-the-art technology. Most are performance tested by the manufacturer.

Polyester Carpet

Another common carpet fiber is polyester. At one time, polyester had a bad reputation, because it did not hold up as well under heavy traffic. During the last five years, changes have occurred. Construction of polyester carpet is much better today and holds up as well as nylon.

Some precaution is still needed when purchasing polyester carpet. Quality polyester carpet comes with a ‘No Matte, No Crush' or ‘Texture Retention' warranty. Carpet made of polyester is extremely stain resistant. The stain resistant warranty often exceeds that of nylon. There are some people of the opinion that polyester carpet is the best value for the money.
Luxury carpet in Essex Junction, VT from Main Street Floor Covering

Polypropylene Carpet

Polypropylene is another carpet fiber choice that is also referred to as olefin. This fiber is found more often in Berber style and commercial carpet than in carpet with cut pile. Polypropylene resists some stains, but some are problematic. The fibers of polypropylene carpet are solution dyed, which means color seeps completely through the fibers.

In most cases, carpet made of polypropylene can withstand bleach and other harsh chemicals. Oil-based stains are not as easy to deal with. Polypropylene is petroleum based. Therefore, certain stains blend with the fibers and are difficult to remove.

Light colored olefin carpet in high traffic areas tends to have a muddy appearance caused by the oil in the skin of feet. It is suggested to choose medium or dark colors in those areas.
As you can see, there is a good reason to avoid characteristics of each type of synthetic carpet. Main Street Floor Covering will help customers from Winooski,Williston, Colchester, Burlington, and Essex Junction to select the carpet that best suits their needs.

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