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Factory finished hardwood from Main Street Floor Covering

It is almost impossible to match reclaimed timber hardwood flooring. Reclaimed timber often comes from rural structures such as barns. The stories and origin of the flooring are the aspects people want to hear about. Any space can be enhanced with reclaimed timber hardwood. Reclaimed timber charm can also be captured elsewhere. The effect can also be found in factory finished hardwood flooring.

This type of flooring is also referred to as prefinished hardwood. The difference between factory finished and site-finished hardwood is where the boards are sanded, stained, and coated. The work on factory finished hardwood is done before the flooring installation takes place. The prefinished products mean there are no harmful fumes or messy dust to endure.

Less mess is not the only benefit of factory finished hardwood. Over time, factory finished hardwood performs better and has a better look, because coatings and stains are applied in a factory setting that is controlled by the manufacturer. At first, oak was the only factory finished hardwood available. Today, the variety of colors and finishes allows reclaimed timber charm to be captured.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Burlington, VT from Main Street Floor Covering
Some people might ask why not use reclaimed timber for the flooring. The problem is the cost of truly salvaged wood is quite high. Most consumers cannot or do not want to commit to such a high cost. Factory finished hardwood is available at a lower cost and stands up better to moisture fluctuation than any onsite flooring.

While the beauty of reclaimed timber cannot be disputed, the resources to capture the reclaimed timber essence, is something most consumers cannot afford when choosing hardwood. Main Street Floor Covering can provide customers from Winooski, Williston, Colchester, Burlington, and Essex Junction with finished hardwood flooring to solve the problem.

Main Street Floor Covering also has a selection of many other hardwood floor options. Individuality, authenticity, and elegance are common goals of consumers choosing hardwood flooring. The appearance, smell, and natural feel of hardwood are characteristics that make those choices attainable. Hardwood is the most revered and duplicated flooring product. Its longevity and durability cannot be matched. Hardwood is available in engineered and solid, click and lock, prefinished, unfinished, and flat finish varieties.

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